Zombie Bird Feeder

Even the Undead enjoy birds.  This friendly Walker has decided to open himself to ensure that all birds eat merrily.


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Undead Gingerdead Men

Perfect for a night of scary movies or watching The Walking Dead.


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Walking Dead Zombie Undead See Hear Speak No Evil – Computer Top Figurines

Perfect for sitting on your nicest shelf to always remind you that the undead are never far and the apocalypse can strike at any moment.


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Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

Prepare for the Zombies. This kit is no novelty. It is stocked full of stuff needed in an emergency and exceeds the Ready.gov recommendation for zombie attack. It also exceeds the recommended standard for hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, and…


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Zombie 4 Piece Pint Glass Set

Calling all Zombie fans, “you need this”. Stylish with a different graphic on each glass, this 4 piece pint set will certainly wet the appetite of Zombie fans everywhere.


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Zombie Hand Bottle Opener

Are you ready to lay to rest your disgusting, half-dead bottle opener?   As you can see, the undead are always willing to lend a hand to someone in need.  


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Zombie Back Scratcher

That’s right folks, the Zombie invasion continues. Behold the new Zombie Back Scratcher.  Everyone knows that a nice zombie is always willing to lend a hand to someone in need.


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Zombie Door Stop

Now you can have your very own undead friend hold the door open for you. Who knew Zombies could be so helpful!


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Apocalypse Tactical Tomahawk

Apocalypse Tactical Tomahawk is the ultimate monster killing weapon!  Its Nuclear Green handle gives it a zombie-fighting vibe… and the 2 wicked ends of this hatchet would be something not even a zombie would want to face.


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Credit Card Sized Folding Knife with Black Blade

The terrors of the night can strike at any moment.  Always be prepared with this credit card sized folding knife.  Never be caught off guard.


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